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5 Habits that can ruin your smile

Almost everyone wants that stunning smile that turns heads. A smile that does not disappoint. You definitely want a smile that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You may have achieved getting the perfect smile. However, there are some practices that ruin your smile. How do you maintain your smile? Well, it practically simple. Avoid all the habits that can ruin your smile. It is obvious that a good smile depends on your oral hygiene. Here are some habits that ruin your smile.
1. Poor oral hygiene
A poor oral hygiene will obviously ruin your smile in various ways. Your smile will be characterized by yellowish teeth stained by plaque. The plaque builds up over time when you do not brush your teeth. The plaque eventually leads to gingivitis. The bacteria will also dwell in a mouth that is not clean. They release acid when they feed on food particles between the teeth. The acid can cause cavities which can make you lose a tooth. Loosing a tooth will also ruin your smile. The dentist recommends brushing of teeth after every meal.
2. Neglecting your dentist's appointments
This is also a habit that can ruin your smile. Regular dental check ups are important. Your dentist will examine your teeth for any problems. The dentist will also advise you on good practices that guarantee healthy teeth.
3. Sugary foods and drinks
The bacteria present in your mouth feed on the sugar remains from sugary drinks and foods.The bacteria release acid which corrodes your teeth. When your teeth are eaten away by this acid,they develop cavities. The holes can also lead to tooth decay and finally losing your teeth. You can minimize the impact of the acid by brushing your teeth after taking sugary drinks and food.
4. Smoking
Here is another habit that can ruin your smile. Tobaccos smoking stains your teeth. The tar produced by burnt tobacco stains your teeth thus ruining your smile. Smoking also leads to a bad breath that can also ruin your smile. The dentist discourages smoking as it has a very negative effect on your teeth.
5. Chewing on foreign objects
Chewing on foreign objects can also ruin your smile. The dentist also discourages chewing of foreign objects. Objects like ice and any objects you come across can destroy your teeth ruining your smile.
Avoid these bad habits to improve on your smile. That way you will be able to have great satisfying smile. A smile that you desire.

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